Debjani Roy

Design Researcher and User Experience Design

“It has long been accepted that the most effective approach to improve population health are those that prevent rather than treat disease. Good communication design combined with information technology in the field of public health and can ensure the success of public health campaigns by motivating large scale behavior change in the general public. ALMATA gives an opportunity to work on developing resources that gives access to health information, which further helps to bring about a meaningful change in people’s life. I feel fortunate to be part of this social development.”

Debjani Roy works as a Design Researcher and User Experience Design. Her work has evolved from her education in Psychology and work experience in visual design. Through intense field works, she explores people’s experiences, observe their actions and identify their needs, further translating those to design mediums of social communication. She tries to work on complex and ambiguous issues and turn them into simple user friendly solutions.

During her work, as Visual Designer, she has worked with leading eLearning companies based in Pune and Hyderabad. Since 2009, she has been working as a Design Researcher in Industrial Design Centre of IIT Bombay, where she collaborated with design experts to design technology based healthcare interventions. Her main project was for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), which was in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson. In this she did contextual inquiry of PLHA’s from different parts of India, including remote locations like Manipur and Chirala. The outcome was a design and development of an IVR system that would help the patients understand their disease better and take care of their health. The system went through a clinical trial in 12 HIV clinics, where she was part of the evaluation team. The product is currently being used by PLHA’s in different parts of the world. Her other projects in collaboration with Baby Center and Dasra was on Mother and Child health care in the Urban Poor sector; and Service design of Child Immunisation, in collaboration with TCS, Research and Development. The outcomes of these studies are published as research papers.

Her work compliments her passion, as she is an avid traveler of the unexplored places. She also likes to explore the local art forms, crafts, toys and cuisines. She uses photography as a medium to communicate her thoughts. Tries to remain active with sometimes swimming and yoga. Since 2 years she is learning Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art form.


M.A. in Industrial Psychology, M S University, Vadodara B.A. in Clinical Psychology with Honors, M S University, Vadodara